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FAQs about StoryBytes and InfoBytes

Why are there only odd numbered levels?

The task of trying to rewrite one piece of text at 9 levels of difficulty is excruciating….5 is hard enough. In my experience working with students reading above an eight year old level they don’t really need such fine graduations of text. The jump from 8.5-9 yr text to 10-11 year text involves a slightly more sophisticated sentence construction and a few trickier choices of vocabulary. Obviously when struggling to come to terms with decoding in the junior classrooms this is very important so you end up with 6 month graduations in levels.

So we are not intending to provide the even numbers. The reason that the levels are numbered 1,3,5,7,9 is so that they match up with the 9 levels in our Informal Prose Inventories, a testing procedure which does include all of those levels and lines up with PAT levels.

Will new resources be included in my 1 User or School Licence?

“The Works” offer is a bundle of all the available Storybytes and InfoBytes we have so far produced, discounted 20%. When new resources are added (filling the missing gaps for Levels 3 and 7 in StoryBytes or InfoBytes #21-30) “The Works” price will increase accordingly. You can email use and ask for a 20% discount on these new resources to expand your licence if you wish.


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