Updated 23 April
A great link here to the National Library Services for Schools  - "Help to support reading at home".

"Reading content and resources from the National Library Services to Schools, New Zealand, and around the globe that have been curated, developed, or made freely available for this period of home-based learning and reading. It includes links to lists of the many and varied videos of authors and celebrities reading aloud."

Updated 7 March
In uncertain times, reading enjoyment breeds motivation and mileage trumps instruction while you are finding your feet with a new way of 'teaching' reading.

Here, we are suggesting straight out reading for enjoyment without having an instructional agenda. I remember one of my daughters discovering Harry Potter many years ago and within three months she went from being a very average reader to being a very good reader. Being stuck at home for a few weeks could be an ideal window of opportunity for developing a recreational reading habit.

For younger students being read to is very important.  If you are worried about accountability for older readers then maybe introduce a simple reading log where they record what they have read or if you want to take it further, a reading journal where they can add some simple reflections on their reading.

With libraries closed it is fortunate that we have access to so much reading material online. Many websites are offering special concessions and FREE downloads as a response to Covid-19. Unfortunately many of these incorporate reading 'systems' that you and your students have to navigate your way through and eventually end up having to pay for. Really all we are suggesting here is access to good material without instructional add ons.

Links for Online Reading Material

Apple Books: The best I have found so far for quick downloadable reading material for all ages. You do need an Apple ID and an apple device (ipad or iphone or Mac). If you don't have the 'Books' app you will need to download and open it. Then search for "Free books for kids" or if you want a higher reading age "Free books for young readers" or "Free easy chapter books" and choose from a list of books they have made available.  Below are some random examples.

Amazon.com Do a search in the search box for Free Kindle kids books (age ranges provided) Students will need to have a Kindle account to access so they may need some help to get started.

Movie Subtitles: How about encouraging your students to watch a movie on TV with the subtitles on and the audio off.

PLEASE fill in the response form below so we can share with others your experience with accessing online reading material for students.

The Supporting a Teacher Series

Making the Shift 
Easing Into a Remote Reading Programme  
Providing Reading Tasks and Reading Responses  
Using the Technology  
Upskill Yourself in Guided Reading

These webpages are aimed at supporting teachers everywhere who are having to make a rapid transition into remote or home based teaching and learning. Look for weekly updates as more information becomes available. 

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