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SharpReading Stages 1 - 3

Successful School-Wide PD is Dependent on Developing Coaches within the School

Learn Safe, Motivating Techniques to Improve Teaching Practice and retain the integrity of the program.

This course equips School Leaders, Literacy Specialists or dedicated teachers with the techniques and tools to guide fellow teachers and teacher aides through their learning and practice of our reading routines.

Our online training, workshops and webinars are fantastic learning forums and have been supported for years with personal aftercare: Schoolwide Training.  Now you can access the skills we give our consultants and learn how to bring everyone on-board and generate consistent classroom practice. 

Learn the importance of getting your teachers to self reflect, why team-teaching is so powerful and how to observe lessons and get accurate data 'safely', without upsets.  Guide teachers towards competency and fluency with online video, downloadable templates and the knowledge of 1000s of hours of work with licensed teachers.

The Coaching Process

Kylie Baker, Principal, talks about the great ongoing support and how training In-School Coaches have given the school  the ability to run the SharpReading programme independently.

Nambour Christian College (QLD, Australia) are now an Accredited SharpReading School in their 5th year of SharpReading and have three accredited SharpReading Coaches operating in the school to monitor the implementation. Click here to see their impressive improvement in Naplan Reading scores over the last 4 years. 

This Course Gives You...

Clear, Concise Step-by-Step Learning

You will learn about when to model and team teach and how to observe and carry out productive observations.  We'll show you how to maintain and improve relationships as well as improve the teaching of reading.

 We will guide you through planning and delivering of after-school training and how to keep teachers on track with their next step goals for accurate delivery.

Icon of a person running up steps to respresent that we have clear steps to teaching critical thinking

At-Your-Own-Pace Flexibility

Twelve months access to this course means you have plenty of time to practice and develop your confidence with observing and gathering data before you work with your fellow teachers.

Icon of a clock to show you can work at your own pace - fast or more leisurely

Everything You Need is Included

  • Self Evaluation Sheets for Stages 1-3, to give to teachers.
  • Observation and Feedback Sheets to help gathering data and lesson reflections.
  • Coach Handbook - your at your fingertips reference.
A picture of a book to show we give you the resources you need to teach

Practice Video Samples of the Teaching

There is plenty of video for you to watch and practice gathering data and how to go about giving feedback which avoids confrontation and is very supportive of you and the teacher.

An icon to indicate we give you plenty of video examples to show you how to teach reading

Safe Practice

If the processes are transparent and revolve around each individual teacher's reflection of their lesson then potential conflict is avoided. 

Our process works on the fundamental proviso that 'relationships must be maintained or improved'.

A person running up steps to indicate that we have a step by step approach to developing reading ability

"This is such a different way to work with teachers and so useable in so many areas of what we do."

Resource Teachers of Literacy and Behaviour - Whakatane

Go the Whole Hog - Become Accredited

A picture of an upper school teacher confidently teaching using our critical thinking program

A Coach who becomes accredited by us goes through rigorous practices with one of our directors to meet our high quality standards. (All our consultants have to meet theses standards). 

Many teachers achieve competency with the delivery of our routines (approx 70% accuracy) but it takes extra focus to gain 85%+ accuracy and get accredited.  Obtaining this level as a teacher and then becoming and accredited Coach is a fantastic achievement

Accredited Coaches will be able to:
- accredit teachers
- access school data collation tools
- document a teacher's learning journey.
- award certificates of fluency to their staff.
- be recognized on the SharpReading website. 
- support the school to become SharpReading Accredited.

Plan Ahead

Develop in-school expertise to become independent.
The sooner you decide to become a Coach the sooner your teachers or whole school can edge towards mastering skills for a solid reading programme. As a Coach you dedicate the time and develop the skills for working alongside your peers: you are in charge of the learning journey of your teachers. You set and maintain the plan and in doing so maintain high levels of teaching and the overall success of the reading programme in the school.


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