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"Teaching Reading to the  Beginner Reader"
SharpReading Stages 1&2
Effective guided reading lessons, those daily 10 minute sessions, is where it all happens for the beginning reader who is developing decoding fluency. 

The Webinar will answer all your questions about effective teaching and learning at this level and show you how our routine delivers confident, motivated decoders.

"Teaching Reading Comprehension - A Systematic Approach"
SharpReading Stage 3
Rather than a never-ending list of strategies that never really get integrated, our approach trains the brain to process text deeply WHILE the reader is reading, adding increasingly complex thinking as the student gains mastery.

"Helping the Struggling Older Reader"
SevenPlus - An 8-10 Week Intervention

For those older readers who get 'stuck on decoding', a 15 minute daily routine that builds confidence and success and gets them over the hump.

The 5 Bits Routine
A guided reading routine to provide a transition back into 'normal' reading after the intervention.


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