In-School Support

Get the support you need in your classroom, with your students

We can be there to help you get it right

One of the unique aspects of our training program is our offer to come and support you one-on-one in your classroom. 

That means we will willingly take on any of the trials and tribulations you may be experiencing and help you problem solve the answers so that our SharpReading routines DO work for you.

There are variety of techniques that we can employ to achieve this.

  • Modelling the routines for you with your students
    In the beginning you need mileage to get the delivery fluent. Because that fluency is not there you may get frustrated with the routine and not be able to make it work for your students.
    It can make such a difference if you can see what fluency looks like with YOUR students.
  • Team Teaching
    If we do it together this can quickly move you to fluency
  • Observations and Feedback
    When you are feeling up to it, we have a very painless observation and feedback process which allows us to collect data on the delivery of the routine and helps you to self reflect on what is going well and what needs to be tweaked. We always get you to identify your own next steps.

Special Term 2, 2021 Offer

For schools in Christchurch and South Auckland, we have this special offer.

Attend one of our Term 2 workshops and we will book you in for a 1 hour in-class coaching session for just $100 (normally $150).

Fill in the form below to apply for this special offer. Tell us which workshop you want to register for and we will start a conversation about when and how we will do your in-school follow-up session.

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