SharpReading is a collection of well researched, tried and tested teaching approaches, courses and resources for reading literacy. We have the courses to train you in everything you need to know to teach reading well. With the right plan we know we can train you, your colleagues or your whole school.


Identify Your Needs

We cater for beginning, experienced or specialist teachers of reading
as well as Principals and Educational Managers.  However our experience
has told us that budgets, time and learning style tend to dictate the
decisions you make when learning how to teach reading.
Our options are grouped as follows:

  • Online Training Courses
  • Face to Face Training - Workshops and Webinars
  • In School Support - Team and Whole School Training

Choose your Plan

It doesn't matter whether you are an individual, a team or a whole school, budgets, time allocation and needs affect decision making.  So it is important that you choose the right training course from the options that we will outline for you.

Get Started

Once you know which plan to follow then you will know which course to purchase or to contact us directly so we can coordinate with you to put the plan into action.


Online Training Courses

If you are new to teaching or have very little idea about how to teach reading to students then you need a step by step, supportive approach to teaching reading and you need it now.  By clicking the Beginning Teacher Plans you will be taken to our online training courses:

  • Training to cater for every student level
  • Video examples, scripts and templates are provided
  • Options to join webinars or workshops
  • Options to purchase levelled stories and assessment approaches

Face to Face PD

Teachers who have been in the classroom for many years are looking for something new, want ways to fine tune their reading programs and benefit from d

Whole School Training in class support

Are you blah blah

A Consistent School-Wide Reading Program

Put this all together for a unique, highly effective school-wide approach to reading instruction that gets GREAT results.

What is Guided Reading?
Guided Reading is small-group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students towards reading proficiency. The small group model means that the teacher can be more focused on the students specific needs, accelerating their progress.

Guided reading instruction

What's NEW in SharpReading

Webinars ... Supporting you in your training

Travel restrictions have encouraged us to develop WEBINARS as an addition to our face-to-face WORKSHOPS. This also means that you can access the 'Start-Up' training for our ONLiNE courses from anywhere in the world.

The webinar format will be similar to our face-to-face workshops, lots of interaction (we are keeping webinar sizes to 10 to make sure that happens), lots of practice opportunities and the chance for your Q&A.  

CLICK HERE  for more information and a schedule of upcoming Start-Up Webinars   

Our SharpReading ONLiNE Courses

Teacher Testimonials

"As a Curriculum leader in a variety of schools I have been working with the SharpReading program and products for a number of years. I have been really impressed with all aspects of SharpReading."

Tracey Shields
Coolum Beach Christian College, QLD

"SharpReading has been an essential part of our school reading programme for 2 years. I can’t believe how good the Year 3 and 4 students are at unpacking sentences. Their ability to really process and think about what the sentence is saying is so good!"

Andrea Barr
Spreydon School, Christchurch

"Thank you SharpReading for StoryBytes! These resources are becoming a big part of my reading programme. The stories are just the right length with lots of interesting vocabulary and ideas - my readers love them and we all look forward to a new story every week."

Charlotte Reid
Otonga School

The SharpReading Team

Hilton Ayrey

Brian Parker

Janine Greer
Christchurch Trainer

Andrea Barr
Christchurch Trainer

West Australian SharpReading Consultants

Jill Buckrell

Kerry Handley

Christopher Witt

Join Our SharpReading Network

Hilton and Brian have been teaching and training teachers for more years than they care to remember. SharpReading is the result of countless hours of classroom teaching and years of dedication to supporting and working alongside teachers and education experts.  The aim of our 'SharpReading Network' is to share core insights about successful teaching gained from working alongside you. The  underlying belief is that while there are many ways to teach, in this age of information overload, we must be practical and efficient. 

Fill in your details in the sign up form below to keep in touch as we continue to look for ways to SHARPEN teaching so that reading instruction is meaningful and manageable.


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