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Why should I purchase an eBook?
eBook resources provide an exciting alternative to the traditional hard copy for those of us who want to go digital. If these resources are loaded onto your laptop they go with you. You can browse the IPI tests, stories, articles and follow-up activities and make decisions about what you are going to teach. You can print off the number of copies you need and get first generation quality every time - no more copies of copies of copies. If you are a digital classroom, the stories can be loaded on your iPads, tablets, laptops.

What is a 1 User Licence?
This is a special offer to teachers who want to purchase their own copy of these resources and take it with them when they move from school to school. Use is restricted to the individual purchaser in their classroom only and the file or copies of the material must not be passed on to colleagues. The PDF file is stamped with the purchaser's name.

Why is a School Site Licence?
This option allows you to load the ebook onto all the computers in your school and / or your school server. Everyone can have the resource at their fingertips without having to track down who has the hard copy.

How are the eBooks delivered?
As soon as your payment has been processed through Paypal you will be taken to a secure download page where you can download your ebook - very quick and painless - no more activation keys or passwords required.

If you have chosen to 'pay on invoice' (see Payment Options - available for School Licences only, not available for 1 User Licences), you will receive two emails, one an invoice and the other a download link once your order has been approved (usually within 12 hours)

What is the file format of your eBooks?
Our ebooks are PDF files which display on all PC and Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and tablets.

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