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Hong Kong Workshops

SharpReading Workshops
Coming to Hong Kong October 2018


ALL DAY WORKSHOPS: (9am - 3pm)
  • Monday  October- Stages 1&2
  • Tuesday October- The Struggling Older Reader,
  • Wednesday October- Stage 3
  • Thursday October - Trainer Day
  • Friday October - Stages 4-6 (must have done Stage 3 to attend this workshop)
COST: Each workshop is $1990 (HK)
VENUE: Australian International School (3A Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong)

RESOURCES: Workshops provide a workbook, sample texts and 12 months access to video teaching models


SharpReading Stages 1&2: "Getting Decoding Right for the Beginning Reader" NE-Yr 2
This workshop is aimed at meeting the needs of beginning readers (the early school years) who need the explicit teaching and guided practice of decoding strategies to achieve decoding fluency. Our '5 Bits' routine provides you with the structure you need to get through that daily text in the 10 minutes you have with each group. The students love the routine and feel secure. Confidence levels skyrocket as they take ownership of the reading. Rather than looking for the next teachable moment, you are freed up to monitor their decoding.

Stages 1 and 2: 'The Five Bits' (Mastering Decoding)
A key to developing fluent decoders is 'managing the challenge'. We need to ensure that our beginning readers are managed through the potentially discouraging bottlenecks that occur as the mental effort of decoding collides with the need to construct meaning. SharpReading Stages 1 and 2 provides simple solutions to this which ensure our readers meet with success and develop a lifelong passion for reading.


SharpReading Stage 3: "A Systematic Approach to Comprehension" Yrs 3-8

For readers who have developed some fluency with decoding now is the time to learn how to dig into text to construct meaning and think critically. Rather than tackle the "Comprehension Smorgasbord" with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, we provide you with our tried and proven developmental progression that habitualises the mental strategies the good reader needs to process text. You will be amazed at what you learn about the way your readers are processing text.

Stage 3: "I think that means..." (Constructing Meaning)
The launching pad for Comprehension Strategy Instruction. Our simple routine (which we think is quite unique) shifts the locus of control from the teacher to the students, providing them with the opportunity to truly habitualise independent comprehension skills that transfer into everyday reading.


SharpReading Stages 4-6: Advanced Comprehension  Yrs 3-8
This workshop builds on the basic constructing meaning strategies covered in Stage 3. 
Please note: Stage 3 and at least one term of classroom practice is a prerequiste for this workshop.

Stage 4: The Deep 5 (Constructing Meaning) - Adding 5 of the most important comprehension strategies to the reader's toolbox to help interpret and clarify the literal meaning of sentences.
  * Visualisation, Prior Knowledge, Asking Questions, Forming Hypotheses, Making connections within text - yes these may all sound  familiar but SharpReading gives them a very different treatment.
Stage 5: Analysing Text (Critical Thinking) - now is the time to introduce 'big picture' or whole text thinking. We explore the analysis of narrative and non fiction text while the students are reading (an essential active reading skill).
Stage 6: Evaluating Text (Critical Thinking) - once meaning has been constructed and the content analysed the reader is in the position to be able to evaluate the quality of the text while they are reading (
an essential active reading skill).

SharpReading for the Struggling Older Reader Yrs 3-8
This workshop is specifically designed for teachers of those older students who 'get stuck' on decoding - they haven't yet developed the decoding fluency they need to become confident readers. 

"SevenPlus" - An 8-10 week intervention
The starting point is our SevenPlus Intervention, carefully designed to address the needs of the reader who is stuck at around a reading age of seven or who is progressing but only slowly. Their motivation for reading and their self esteem about themselves as readers is fading fast. Decoding strategies, fluency and vocabulary are all attended to in a routine that ensures success and the rebuilding of confidence.

*Workshop Price includes $100 of Invaluable SevenPlus Resources
* The SevenPlus Teachers Manual is packed with all the teaching pedagogy and the research that is behind SevenPlus for those who want to dig deeper. It also includes a wealth of additional phonological and morphological follow-up activities to reinforce the learning that occurs in the SevenPlus lesson.
* We have reformatted some of our StoryBytes and InfoBytes to match the requirements of SevenPlus - 25 weeks of SevenPlus lessons - No Planning - No Preparation PLUS screening tests to easily establish the correct starting level for your students.
* 12 months access to the view clips shown in the workshop - go back at anytime and review the SevenPlus and 5 Bits routine at any time online.

Manual 5 x StoryBytes for SevenPlus (2 levels) 5 x InfoBytes for SevenPlus (3 levels) 5 x Screening Tests
Manual InfoBytes for SevenPlus

"The 5 Bits" - Where to next?
The success or failure of any intervention is usually determined by what happens next. We provide you with our especially modified SharpReading Stage 2 routine which helps transition learners back into a more mainstreamed guided reading routine. This ensures that the newly found confidence and enthusiasm for reading is maintained and prepares them for Stage 3 - Comprehension Strategy Instruction.

SharpReading Routines for Teacher Aides

PRESENTER: Brian Parker

Certificated Guided Reading Workshop for Teacher Aides and Support Personnel


This new full day workshop is designed for any individual that works with individuals or small groups of primary school students.  The workshop is highly focused on practice and will arm the support teacher with SharpReading's easy to implement guided reading routines for beginner readers through to beginner comprehenders (approx reading ages of 5 - 10).  We will also look at some useful behaviour management techniques and data collection for these situations and discuss good ways to support the classroom teacher when using the SharpReading routines.  

Each participant will receive a SharpReading certificate of participation and personal report. Because of the constant monitoring required to generate this report during the workshop, registrations are limited to a maximum of 15.

Feedback from recent workshops

"I love your philosophy of making this simple and manageable and able to be implemented without fuss. Love all the easy to use support forms, the whole SharpReading system - I can do it without hours of planning. You have done all the hard work and I get to do the fun stuff with the kids."
Anna-Maria Williams  RT Lit Christchurch East

"This approach solves the issues I have with time - never enough time to get done what I want to get done. A lot less planning, a lot less teacher talk. It all benefits the children."
Paulette Lambert - Teacher, Western Australia
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