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What's SHARP about SharpReading old

SIMPLICITY - Please! I want something that is simple!

A SharpReading programme is underwhelmingly easy to implement, lite on paper work but gets impressive results.
   * start with a piece of text
   * they unpack it
* you respond to what they come up with
A one page planning and assessment template is all you need.

HABITS - What do habits have to do with becoming a better reader?
Learning to read is all about habitualising the use of mental strategies.
SharpReading ...
   * identifies the essential reading strategies a reader needs
   * teaches them systematically
   * provides lots of guided practice.
Like learning to ride a bike, you need a chance to 'get your balance'.

AUTONOMY - SharpReaders transfer the skills into their personal reading
The outcome of our instruction must be the independent and automatic use of these strategies or we are wasting our time.
  * know what the strategies are
  * have a plan of attack
  * are motivated to process text (not just read it)

ROUTINES - How do I teach and habitualise reading strategies?
Your routines (the way you interact with your learners) must be highly predictable so that the student is in control of the process.
  * know what to expect from every lesson
  * use the routines to explore strategies and get the  
    practice they need  
  * transfer these routines into their own personal reading

PROGRESSIONS - How do I know what to teach?
Click here to view our learning progressionHaving a simple developmental progression clarifies the learning pathway for the student and the teacher and avoids the 'a bit of this and a bit of that' approach.
A SharpReader ...
  * knows exactly what they are working on and why
  * understands what mastery looks like 
From classroom to classroom there is a common understanding of what reading instruction looks like.


Our SharpReading Teacher Training comes in three formats

1. SharpReading Workshops
Our SharpReading Workshops are a great way to quickly embrace the ideas and the classroom practice behind SharpReading.
Great for schools who want to send a representative to 'test the water' before committing to whole school PD. We hold workshops throughout New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and China. We are always open to invitations to new places.

Click here for SharpReading Workshops


2. SharpReading In-School Support
Having trialled SharpReading, more and more schools are booking us to run our in-school training programme. Once you are convinced that this is the programme for your school we can provide you with the support you need to get it enbedded. The process involves a start-up workshop followed by in-class support for all of your teachers - modelling by us, shared teaching, observations and feedback - to ensure that the implementation is right. Teachers get the opportunity to problem solve the unique issues in their classroom with us the trainers and work towards accrediation of the SharpReading stages. We can tailor this to the needs of your staff and your budget. Typically this is a three year cycle to get you to "SharpReading School' status where the programme can be sustained by your own SharpReading Trainers within the school. 

Click here for In-School Support

3. SharpReading ONLiNE Teacher Training

For the cost of a day's out of school PD (the cost of a course fee and a reliever in your classroom) you get 12 months access to quality professional development SharpReading ONLiNE. 

Your online training includes
  * modelling of the teaching in small easily managed learning steps
  * supporting resources that are downloaded - everything you need for the next lesson
  * planning and assessment is a breeze with a clear learning progression and our templates
  * all available 24/7 at no additional cost after the initial outlay.
  * includes Decoding Strategy Instruction (DSI Stages 1 and 2)
  * includes Comprehension Strategy Instruction (CSI Stages 3-5).
  * buy the whole package or the pieces that you need.

Click here for SharpReading ONLiNE


SharpReading incorporates the most up-to-date findings of such literacy researchers as Michael Pressley and Gerald Duffy and is the result of 10 years of our own personal action research as tutors at the New Zealand Graduate School of education training teachers to teach literacy.

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SharpReading has been extensively trialled in local schools and is now used in 100+ schools in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Samoa, and USA. Our data tells us that the average instructional reading age of a class implementing SharpReading will increase by 1-2 years in a very short space of time.


"I love your philosophy of making this simple, manageable and able to be implemented without fuss. Love all the easy to use forms - love the whole SharpReading system. I can do it without hours of planning. You have done all the hard stuff - I just get to do the fun stuff with the kids."
Anna-Maria Williams RT Lit Christchurch

"I have been trying for years to find an effective way to teach and assess group/guided reading and have failed miserably every time. Always struggling to pin down exactly how I should approach comprehension whilst also covering all of the areas required to assess at different NC levels. I found it hard to focus on my objective, listen to the children read and make records at the same time. I also found it laborious creating questions for each text that tested the children’s understanding.
This program has, quite literally, cleared the fog in my brain and shown me a crystal clear way of teaching and assessing groups with a no nonsense, straightforward and routine approach that requires minimal planning and gives maximum opportunities for assessment. I believe it is impossible for children to work through this program without learning to look for understanding in everything they read.
Esther Blackmore, Teacher, Discovery Bay International School, Hong Kong

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