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ASSESSMENT - Informal Prose Inventories to Assess Students Needs
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 a successful reading programme
If our reading programmes are going to make a difference we must have a clear picture of what our students can do and what are the next learning steps.

Our Informal Prose Inventory procedure not only provides a comprehensive check on the all important decoding strategies that our readers are using, but MOST IMPORTANTLY exposes those readers who are reading fluently but not actively processing the text and who need to be taught comprehension strategies. 

Click on the sample recording sheets (left) for further explanation.

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These IPIs have been used extensively in New Zealand and Australia for the last 12 years.
"I heard about your IPIs from a research team at a literacy conference in Perth. They said they had 'scourced the globe' looking for a resource such as this and claimed yours was the best around."  Sharon O'Brien, Western Australia

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