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The Key: Get them to think WHILE they are reading

 by hilton on 02 Jun 2015 |
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What has struck me again and again during the whirlwind of workshops in the last few months has been that no matter where we go or who the audience is, whether it be mainstream classes in NZ,  students from diverse cultures in International schools i...

Stories that interest the Learner Reader

 by handyres on 02 Jun 2015 |
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"If only I could find some text which my readers were really interested in!" I hear this a lot when teachers verbalise the issues that they face with their reading programme. In a world which is in High Definition overload, where it is much e...

Assessment in Reading Issues #3: “What’s in it for me?"

 by hilton on 04 Jun 2012 |
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"All that time spent testing - does it really benefit my reading programme?” Informal Prose Inventories are diagnostic assessment tools for early and fluent readers. As a classroom teacher you gain a huge amount of valuable information about the rea...

Assessment in Reading Issues #2

 by hilton on 30 May 2012 |
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Issue #2: “I don’t like putting a random piece of text in front of my students with no introduction or activation of prior knowledge or making of links! It seems the opposite of good practice to me.”   While this is an understandable reaction from th...

Assessment in Reading Issues #1

 by hilton on 27 May 2012 |
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I have heard a lot of discussion lately from teachers about the merits and otherwise of running records (emergent and early readers)  and  informal Prose Inventories (early and fluent readers). It is great that teachers are challenging the status quo...

Why can't we form reading groups based on interest - Really?

 by hilton on 20 Apr 2012 |
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Last week I followed a discussion in a literacy forum which explored the idea that guided reading groups using age-graded texts (chosen by the teacher) was unenlightened. It went something like this - If we truly want motivated readers they should ...

"But the story has no pictures!"

 by hilton on 20 Mar 2012 |
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What does that tell us about our readers?   It tells us they are still heavily reliant on visual cues to tell the story. Yes, very important for the emergent reader but an indication of a passive, even lazy fluent reader. It tells us that they h...

The Case Against Reading Activities

 by hilton on 08 Mar 2012 |
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Yes I know that I am an advocate for the use of follow-up activities in the classroom reading programme but there is a strong case put forward by teachers and educationalists which has to be recognised. Many will condemn ‘worksheets’ as busy work, a...

ANALYSING - Organising the Information

 by Hilton on 07 Sep 2011 |
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Comprehension Activities for non fiction text - Bloom's Taxonomy Non fiction text presents us with information.  Analysing that information involves looking more closely at the detail and the way it has been put together, organising it or reorganisi...

APPLYING - Use the information in another way

 by Hilton on 31 Aug 2011 |
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“The baby hoatzin chick was nervous. He didn’t know about tree snakes but he sensed danger from the reptile that was slithering towards him on the branch that overhung the mangrove swamp. Something wasn’t right. Where was his mother now when he neede...
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