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Stories that interest the Learner Reader

 by handyres on 02 Jun 2015 |
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"If only I could find some text which my readers were really interested in!"
I hear this a lot when teachers verbalise the issues that they face with their reading programme. In a world which is in High Definition overload, where it is much easier to watch something than to read about it, we all struggle to convince students to make the effort with the words on the page. 
But don't get locked into the trap of thinking that the answer has to be ever increasingly high impact text with lots of visual noise accompanying it.
The problem is not that our readers aren't interested in the text we offer. The problem is that they are not processing it. Our information overload is breeding superficial readers who have been taught to skim and scan (a useful skill in its own right) without properly engaging the brain; a generation of fast food readers who don't know how to chew the text and really enjoy the message.
Once decoding fluency is in place, SharpReading focusses on slowing down the reading process and forcing the reader to unpack the text, a sentence at a time; forcing them to construct meaning in small manageable pieces before worrying about the big picture, forcing them to THiNK while they are reading.
I have seen the most reluctant readers suddenly come alive when they are introduced to this. They start to get lost in the magic of reading.The journey becomes so much more interesting than just getting to the destination. 


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