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Assessment in Reading Issues #2

 by hilton on 30 May 2012 |
3 Comment(s)
Issue #2: “I don’t like putting a random piece of text in front of my students with no introduction or activation of prior knowledge or making of links! It seems the opposite of good practice to me.”
While this is an understandable reaction from the classroom teacher fully immersed in nurturing their students into reading success, it misses the point. Conducting a ‘reading test’ under test conditions provides us with objective data to help us make professional judgments about our individual student’s progress and achievement.
Our whole class teaching time and our guided reading practice times are where we focus on supporting and scaffolding our readers into the confident and habitual use of strategies. Running Records or Informal Prose Inventories provide us with an objective tool to see whether all that hard work is being transferred into the students’ personal, unsupported reading skill set.


Diane Ward - Comment
Diane Ward30 May 2012Reply
I agree Hilton…there seems to be a request for data on ‘seen texts’ of late. I get SO much more data from unseen text. You can observe what is embedded and what is not…therefore…an indication of ‘Next Learning Steps…WALTs…
sharon robertson - Comment
sharon robertson23 May 2013Reply
It is great to see the continued growth of your resources. I have just purchased the Forces of Nature book and it was exactly what i wanted as I'm about to begin a unit based around landforms and finishing with the students creating an infographic explaining how the Canterbury was formed. What do you have in the pipe line for your next book?
Yvonne Lovelock - Comment
Yvonne Lovelock23 Aug 2014Reply
There are benefits for both options - running records on seen texts, gives the teacher an opportunity to critique their teaching.
And on unseen text - what strategies is the reader using independently, nearly using or not using at all so as to form next step learning.

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