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"But the story has no pictures!"

 by hilton on 20 Mar 2012 |
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What does that tell us about our readers?
It tells us they are still heavily reliant on visual cues to tell the story. Yes, very important for the emergent reader but an indication of a passive, even lazy fluent reader.

It tells us that they have been captured by the high def 3D breathtakingly visual world they live in which usurps their imagination.
If we buy into this we end up embarking on a relentless, never ending (and expensive) search for resources which will ‘get their attention’.
We forget that the real bliss comes from allowing words to paint our own personalised images in our head – that’s where the real fun is.
Click here for stories with no pictures.


Sarah - Comment
Sarah02 Jun 2015Reply
Visual cues (that is, sources of information) refers to the look of a word. When a child looks at the picture, they are searching for and using meaning as a source of information.
Hilton - Comment
Hilton02 Jun 2015Reply
Thanks for the comment Sarah. Point taken. I was not thinking in terms of the sources of information that the decoder uses. I was thinking more about the fluent decoder who needs to develop active reading strategies to process text deeply to become a truly 'good reader'. Because there is such an abundance of high quality graphics available today sometimes our readers get locked into the visual rather than experiencing the magic of just unpacking the words.

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